Edhofer Culture Consulting is specialized in providing services to private individuals and corporations for their financial support of cultural and scientific organisations.

Ms. Elisabeth Edhofer has been a successful manager in a leading Austrian cultural institution for many years, a communications professional and a financial adviser in private banking. This provides a strong background to allow her firm to act as a catalyst between corporations, donors and nonprofit organisations.

Services include consulting, training and coaching in how to execute and implement sponsored projects, conduct fundraising activities and develop communication strategies.

Ms. Edhofer is one of the first professional philanthropy advisers in Austria. She is an experienced and competent business partner for benefactors, guiding and supporting them throughout their philanthropic activities.

You're planning a fundraising campaign

We support you where you need the expertise: defining your goals, researching your target groups, developing internal frameworks, determining fee structures, planning customized fundraising, events and communication activities, preparaing your budget, time and schedules, building a donor loyalty program etc.

Your friends or membership scheme
needs enhancing or expanding

Together we develop tasks and objectives, legal frameworks, an efficient organization and fee structure, composition of active management, implementation of an attractive members program, the organization of events to raise public awareness, acquisition campaigns, marketing and PR activities, service and relationship tools for members etc.

You decide the intensity of the support we give. We advise you on the planning of your fundraising activity or coach you on the full scope. We also offer workshops for your employees as well as the implementation of your project.

You want your project to be financed by corporate sponsors

We assist you with the preparation of your brochures and other printed material, the development of adequate benefits and researching potential partners, outreach, presentation, discussion and negotiation with company representatives, development of marketing and PR campaigns, customer and employee programs with the partner, the preparation of contracts and implementation of the agreed benefits, the development of long-term customer relationship management.


We manage your sponsoring project as external consultants, train your employees to realize the project or parts of it, or coach you through it's critical stages or the whole process.

Your institution does not get the media coverage you think it deserves and you are not sure your media strategy is reaching the right audiences? Have you defined your target groups? Do you have little or no budget for marketing and advertising?

We work with you to develop a communications strategy that is tailored to your environment: who is to be informed and how to identify the appropriate mass media to make contact with your potential donors, friends and visitors. What events they may be interested in and where posters, folders, flyers are best used, so that they are effective. We also advise whether new media should replace the more traditional printed materials, etc.

You want your philanthropic
commitment professionally managed

You are planning to provide a financial contribution or cultural responsibility to promote scientific research and / or to engage in civil society, you want it professionally managed, need information or wish to remain anonymous?


Elisabeth Edhofer creates, together with you, your personal philanthropic profile, researches potential projects suited to your interests and requirements, develops tax-friendly financing plans, identifies suitable projects, negotiates with the organization, establishes personal contact and assists you in the realization of the project. We control the progress of the project and document the use of funds.

All information is treated confidentially.

You already know which organization you want to support? We contact that organization on your behalf.

Elisabeth Edhofer - long-time financial advisor in private banking and successful manager at a leading cultural institution - is the experienced and competent partner you have been searching for to manage your philanthropic activities in Austria.

We support you as external consultants

You're planning the implementation of a sponsorship or fundraising project and need external support for the project. We examine the feasibility, advise and guide you and your team during the planning and implementation process.

Facilitating brainstorming sessions and meetings is also part of our business, as well as the evaluation of concepts and the pre-selection of candidates for various committees. We evaluate offers, oversee the progress of your project and are a competent partner for all involved parties.

We train your staff

You have already planned the first steps for your sponsoring or fundraising activities, but your employees require more knowledge and familiarity to implement them successfully. We provide suitable training tailored specifically to your organization to overcome this lack of knowledge and experience in half or full-day workshops.

In addition, participants augment theoretical foundations in group role-play exercises designed to simulate real situations and provide them with usable feedback. We also offer step-by-step instructions and guidance, empowering them to easily apply and adapt these techniques to routine operations.

We realize your project

You have an outstanding project that you want to implement with financial support from donors and / or sponsors, but you do not have the necessary resources. We review the opportunities for implementation and undertake the planning and realization on your behalf.

We develop your concept, including public relations, marketing, acquisition and / or budget plans, create the printed materials, contact potential donors and sponsors, negotiate, develop contracts, manage agreements, your correspondence and billing.

Let yourself be coached by an expert

You are looking for a competent partner and coach for your sponsorship or fundraising activities, want to expand your knowledge, discuss new ideas, prepare for a meeting with a sponsor or major donor or develop a presentation, cope with difficult situations within a process or want your project to be professionally supported.

Elisabeth Edhofer is a successful cultural manager and financial advisor with many years of experience in dealing with decision-makers, major donors, the structures of outsourced organizations and other non-profit organizations. Active listening and precise questioning, quick evaluation of sensible situations, pinpointing targeted presentations and negotiating at eye level are as much a part of her success as forming, leading and motivating a diversified team.

Mag. Elisabeth M. Edhofer

Mag. Elisabeth M. Edhofer

Since 2014Edhofer Culture Consulting e.U., Founder and Owner
2002 | 2014Austrian National Library, Head, Department of Development and International Relations
2001 | 2002Schenk / Igler / Proksch Communications, Senior Account Executive
1999 | 2000Lower Austria and Vienna Tourist Board:
Expo 2000 Hannover, Project Manager
1996Sothebys London, European Department, intern
1994 | 1997University of Vienna, student and tutor
1975 | 1994Bank Austria AG, Finance Manager
1998University of Vienna, MA in Art History


  • Awards
  • Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art
  • Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, France
  • International Visitors Program, USA